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18 Meir Feinstein 
Ramat Aviv Gimel,

Tel Aviv 
Tel: 054-6567959
Clini​c: 03-7440888

מאיר פיינשטיין 18

,'רמת אביב ג

תל אביב

 טלפון: 054-6567959
קליניקה: 03-7440888

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Diabetes, as well as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and obesity are major risk factors for heart attacks and CVA. In the modern world, sugar consumption is far too high for our body to cope with, it is unable to produce enough insulin to break down sugar or our...

Chestnuts, who are you?

Chestnuts ripen at the end of autumn, when we begin to see them appearing in the markets or grilled on street corners.

Despite the “nutty” look, chestnuts are very different, as they are low in calories (about 245 grams per 100 grams of grilled ch...


A new study from Australia shows that managing female fertility with Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) improves pregnancy rates almost 2-fold within a 3-6 month period compared with Western Medical (WM) fertility drug therapy. All fertility indicators were also positively...


Chinese herbal medicine is a central pillar of Chinese medicine. Chinese Herbology uses all parts of the plant according to its healing powers (leaves, flowers, branches, roots, etc.) while taking into consideration other characters of the plant such as its color, ener...


רפואת הצמחים הסינית הינה עמוד תווך מרכזי בתהליך הריפוי ברפואה הסינית ועושה שימוש בכל חלקי הצמח על פי סגולותיו הרפואיות (עלים, פרחים, ענפים, שורשים ווכו) ותוך כדי הבנה של תכונות הצמח הבודד כגון צבעו, האנרגיה שלו (קר, לדוגמא כמו התה הירוק), צבעו, טעמו (מר, מתוק, חמוץ וכו...

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