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18 Meir Feinstein 
Ramat Aviv Gimel,

Tel Aviv 
Tel: 054-6567959
Clini​c: 03-7440888

מאיר פיינשטיין 18

,'רמת אביב ג

תל אביב

 טלפון: 054-6567959
קליניקה: 03-7440888


Health through Acupuncture, Nutrition & Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a central pillar of Chinese medicine. Chinese Herbology uses all parts of the plant according to its healing powers while taking into consideration other characters of the plant such as its color, energy, taste and more...


Acupuncture is the main treatment tool in Chinese medicine, with 365 acupuncture points in the body sitting on a network of "meridians". These routes connect all the internal organs of the body including the life energy flows called Qi.


The famous saying from Hippocrates "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is at the root of Chinese medicine, where diet holds a vital component of a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and treatment.


Treatment Types & Conditions Treated

Over the past 30 years, many well-designed studies have been performed to prove the effectiveness of Chinese Medicine in several medical conditions, either as a single or in addition to conventional treatment.

Results have proven benefits in:

Headaches and Migraines • Digestive Problems - Irritable Bowel and Inflammatory Bowel Disease • Menopause symptoms incl. hot flashes, anxiety, depression, Insomnia • Respiratory Diseases - asthma, bronchitis • Metabolic syndrome incl. Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, and Lipid balance • Thyroid imbalance • Cold, flu • Acute and Chronic Pain • Allergy • Palliative Care for Cancer • Stroke Rehabilitation • Bell's Palsy • And more ...