Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a central pillar of Chinese medicine. Chinese Herbology uses all parts of the plant according to its healing powers (leaves, flowers, branches, roots, etc.) while taking into consideration other characters of the plant such as its color, energy (cold, such as with green tea) , taste (bitter, sweet, sour, etc.) and more.

At the heart of Chinese herbal medicine stands the combination of different plants together in a confection of different doses, also known as "Formula", that results in a therapeutic activity that is far more potent than the individual herbs within. Chinese Herbal Formulas can be given in different forms of processing ranging from household cooking of the dried herbs to herbal powders, alcoholic extracts (tincture) and others.

Chinese herbal medicine is now becoming more popular in the Western world, and some of its plants have been the topic of extensive pharmaceutical research.For example, Artemissia Annua, the Chinese Herb that constitutes the Anti-Malaria drug which have won Professor Tu Youyou the Nobel Prize in Medicine for its discovery. In Israel, over 200 types of herbs are approved in line with the US FDA and the Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines and according to strict quality standards.

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