The famous saying from Hippocrates "“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” is at the root of Chinese medicine, where diet holds a vital component of a healthy lifestyle, disease prevention and treatment.

The Chinese believe that a balanced meal should contain 5 colors flavours. The eyes eat first, so it is important that the food will be aesthetic and that we concentrate solely on eating. Eating healthy means giving it your full attention so that our digestive system can have the calm and serenity it needs to digest food. Just as we concentrate while reading or studying, to allow the brain to digest and internalize learning material.

According to the concept of nutrition in Chinese medicine, food is divided into categories according to the nature of the impact energy as reflected characteristics: Color, shape, its production and cooking, its various flavors, temperature, season it is growing, and more. Ginger, for example, the food is "hot" and character allows awaken "the body and move. Cucumber, for example food "cold" could certainly help women in menopause.

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